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3 Easy Tips and Tricks to Improve Posture at Your Desk

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If you’re like me, you have to work at a desk. Sometimes I get ancy after sitting for too long, and other times I can feel my hips and shoulders getting tighter as the day goes on. Although I am not too fond of it, it’s crucial for me to be able to get work done and be productive. When I am zoned in on what I’m doing on my computer, I often neglect how I am getting this work done. Most of the time, I find myself sitting in a slumped position with my head and neck forward, and my shoulders rolled forward. And when I go to the gym to workout, I feel like I have to spend extra time rolling out my shoulders and back to correct my poor posture. Although, avoiding sitting at my desk to get work done isn’t an option right now, I can improve how I am sitting throughout the day.

Below are three easy tips and tricks to help with your daily posture!

Your shoulders, head, and neck will thank you.

Roll your shoulders.

A surprisingly simple exercise, but often overlooked. Performing a set of 10 shoulder rolls forward and backwards can be a good wake up call. Shoulder rolls can increase blood flow in your upper back and neck, release some knots that may build up throughout the day, and can help align your shoulders and neck while at your desk. Doing 10 shoulder rolls takes 10 seconds, and doing this five times a day can help you become more in tune with your body and how you’re sitting. If you’re reading this right now, give it a try! (Then consider setting an alarm to remind you to do it again later!)

Sit in a supportive desk chair.

Standing desks are great, but they’re not an option for all of us and our working spaces. Make the most of your sitting position by keeping your feet flat on the ground, making sure your chair height is tall enough so that your elbows are in line with your keyboard, and that you are sitting flat against the back of the chair. If you want to work on good posture and reinforce proper sitting, making sure your back is flat and shoulders are against the back of your chair will help. This will also help relax your shoulders and decrease some tension in your neck. If your height doesn’t quite let you acquire this position, find a pillow or pad to set between you and the back of the chair to keep you upright.


Get up and walk around! You don’t have to wait until your afternoon gym session to get some movement in to help your body. Go to the water cooler and tell some jokes, get some more steps in for your Fitbit, or just take a lap around the office. It does not matter how you do it. Taking a two minute stroll can provide you a great sense of relief when working at your desk. Finish whatever task you have been working on, take a short walk, and come back refreshed to tackle the next thing on your agenda!

Hopefully these three easy tips help get you through your day feeling a little better (and maybe even taller!) Tell us how they worked for you, or better yet, share some of your own tricks to improve posture and comfort at the workplace in the Comment section below!


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