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Call us: 540-493-1505

Kids Rule the Summer at AOCF!

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Bring on the SUMMER! It has been a bit of a long Charleston winter, and we (like many of you!) are more than ready for warmer weather and summertime fun!!

This summer at AOCF we are introducing NEW Kids’ Programs covering all ages from infants – teens! These programs have always been part of the plan, and we are so excited to be in a position to launch each one and keep kids (and parents!) moving! All programs will begin the week of June 4th (limited space for some classes; Kids Club is currently every Thursday until June 4th.)

Check out a brief overview of the new programs below! Please contact Coach Megan and Coach James with any questions regarding the programs, cost, and registration. Let the Summer for Kids begin!

“Mom and Me” Fitness Class

Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00  – 11:00 am

Kiddos Ages Infant – 4

New and new-ish moms, this class is for you and your little one(s)! The Mom and Me Class is designed to help new and new-ish moms regain some crucial “me” time plus rebuild strength, mobility, and conditioning and confidence that can sometimes be lost in the hustle and bustle of parenting! Parents will spend some class time with their kiddos and some time with kiddos in their strollers, rockers, car seats, or the AOCF Pac-N-Play. Music will be pleasing and low, so no need for earmuffs!

The class is open to and designed for those who have never worked out as well as challenge parents who were active prior to kiddos. It’s called “Mom and Me” but is completely open to stay at home dads too!

Contact Coach Megan at or 540-493-1505.

Kids’ Club!

Thursdays 3:14 – 4:00 pm

Saturdays 8:15 – 9:00 am

Ages 5 – 11

Nothing new with this program, but we are adding a new day and time to the schedule! Starting the week of June 4, Kids’ Club will be every Thursday at 3:15 pm and Saturday at 8:15 am!

Coach Megan, CrossFit Kids certified coach, leads kiddos ages 5 – 11 through various movements including squats, deadlifts, presses, pulls, rolls, jumps, skips and more! Each class allows kiddos a chance to learn how to move correctly while having FUN – because, that’s the whole point!

During each 45 min sessions, kiddos will practice movements, have a mini “workout”, play games, answer brain teasers, and simply PLAY. This is the time and space to let kids be kids and move those bodies! Please have kiddos come dressed to move with comfy clothes, tennis shoes, and full water bottles!

Contact Coach Megan at or 540-493-1505.

Teen Athletic Development

Wednesday 2:30-4:00 pm

Saturdays 11:00 am-12:30 pm

Ages 12-17

Angel Oak CrossFit is excited to expand its kids program to offer a teenage Youth Athletic Development program. This program will be led by Coach James, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The class will be focused on teaching proper movement patterns and technique to ensure safety in the weight room, and to help reduce the risk of injury in teenagers while playing their desired sport.

There are common concerns parents have for their child who is beginning a weight training regimen. Common questions are “how safe is a resistance training program?”, “will resistance training stunt their growth?”, and “what age should they start?” Instead of thinking about the risks associated with exposing young athletes to weight training, focus on the risks of not exposing young athletes to the training mode to better prepare them for competition. Weight training can help increase bone density and overall body awareness, which can decrease their chance of injury with playing their sport. Additionally, weight training can help improve their cardiovascular system, and help develop healthy exercise habits. But, one of the biggest benefits of weight training for teenagers is the increase in self-esteem and confidence. The gym and weight room can be a place to teach young athletes about the importance of teamwork, and starting something new and sticking to it.

The Angel Oak Youth Athletic Development program will be focused on teaching young athletes the proper techniques and movements, in a fun and safe environment. Each workout will be focused on the technical skills of movement, and less focused on the performance outcome. We will start with the basics, and make sure each athlete has a solid foundation of safe movement that we can progress from. Slowly, we will periodize each workout and begin to progress the athlete based on their physical capabilities. Our goal is to reach as many athletes as we can, and show them that working out and training can be fun!

Contact James at or on his cell at (805) 850-8785.


Additional information, pricing, and membership options are available on our website! Please visit for more details, and bring on the summer!


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