Call us: 540-493-1505
Call us: 540-493-1505
2018 Success Story

$400 (or FREE)

Write Your Own Success Story!

*100% Money Back Guarantee (see details below)

What's the catch?

No Catch! Here’s how it works. Sign up online or at Angel Oak CrossFit by September 22nd and set a S.M.A.R.T. Goal. Hit your goal by or on November 3rd, and receive a 100% refund. If you would like to continue becoming more awesome, and writing your story of fitness and health, you can apply your initial fee towards an ongoing membership with Angel Oak CrossFit. We want to see you succeed and do everything you set out to accomplish! These 6 weeks are just the stepping stone to a healthier and happier lifestyle, and we want to be with you every step of the way!

Ready to write your own story?

We could not be more excited to help you on your journey to live a healthier and happier lifestyle! Whether it’s weight loss, body fat loss, strength gains, or training for everyday life, we’re here to help! Throughout these next 6 weeks, you will have the opportunity to write your own story through fitness, nutrition, relationship building, and self-realization. You will quickly learn that you are more than capable to chase your goals. You will learn new skills and movements, which will not only challenge your physical capabilities, but your mental fortitude as well. And when it gets tough to stick to your diet, or when you don’t feel like waking up and coming to the gym, just remember that you are not alone! You have a whole community of people that are on a similar journey as yours, and know what you’re going through!


  • “Chapter 1”: Saturday, September 22nd 8 AM @ Angel Oak CrossFit
    • Meet the Coaches
    • Initial Body Comp Numbers (Body Scan)
    • Goal Setting
    • Review Nutrition Packet
    • Check In Workout
    • Receive Awesome T-Shirt or Tank
    • Schedule Development Sessions
  • “Chapter 2”:
    • Attend CrossFit Development- 4 Sessions
    • These will be completed by middle of week 2
  • “Chapter 3”:
    • 4 Weeks of fitness FUN!
    • Attend a total of 16 CrossFit and/or Bootcamp Classes
  • “Chapter 4”: Saturday, November 3rd, 9 AM @ Angel Oak CrossFit
    • Revisit Goal and Body Comp Numbers
    • Repeat “Check In Workout”
    • Celebrate Success Stories!
  • “Chapter 5 – ????????”: The sky is the limit!
    • For those who ACHIEVE their GOAL…
    • Get a full $400 refund and move on or
    • Continue YOUR STORY! Apply the initial $400 Success Story cost towards an ongoing AOCF CrossFit/BootCamp/Personal Training Membership
  • FINE PRINT: Goal Requirements
    • Weight loss- no less than 5% of current bodyweight, and no more than 15% of current bodyweight
    • Weight gain- gain 6-12 pounds
    • Goals will be written down and posted in the gym!
    • Before and After Pics required; do NOT have to be shared

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2018 Success Story
Unlimited CrossFit/Bootcamp
6 weeks Unlimited Membership to attend CrossFit and Bootcamp classes, which includes 4 Development Sessions. Does not include attendance to Barbell or Yoga.

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