James Engesser



I have coached Division-1 athletes from all sports, and have worked with CrossFitters and weightlifters for nearly three years. My passion for strength and conditioning stemmed in high school, where I used CrossFit’s methodologies to train for varsity basketball. Being average height, with average athleticism, I knew working out and training was imperative for gaining an upper hand on the court. Throughout college, I actively pursued becoming better at CrossFit, and sought out local and larger scale competitions. After graduation, an internship in Pepperdine University’s strength and conditioning department taught me how to program for and train swimmers, water polo players, baseball players, soccer players, and basketball players. During the summer of 2016, I moved to Philadelphia to work directly with Villanova University’s football team. There, I was able to help improve football players’ speed and agility on the field, as well as strengthen them in the weight room.

While CrossFit is my primary mode of training, I do not neglect bodybuilding or accessory exercises. I understand the importance of targeting specific muscle groups through specific exercises to assist athletes in becoming stronger, faster, and preventing injury in the long run. As an active member of the CrossFit community, I continue to work on my personal goals of becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete, while training with the CrossFit Regionals in mind. My focus is to provide motivation and top-notch coaching to help my athletes reach their own personal fitness goals. When not in the gym, I can be found enjoying a delicious PB&J on the beautiful beaches of Charleston.