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Call us: 540-493-1505
Megan Flora



Passionate. Dedicated. High-Energy. Just a few words to describe the characteristics of Owner & Head Coach, Megan Flora. Megan grew up playing sports and living an active lifestyle, even through college where she played D-III soccer. It was after college, where she became mixed in with societal norms of a 25-year old: working full-time as an English teacher, coaching high school girls’ soccer, and still living like a college student on the weekends. This lifestyle can only last so long, and thankfully, on her 30th birthday, she walked into her first CrossFit gym. And was hooked.


Eight months into CrossFit, she obtained her Level-1 certification, and hasn’t looked back since. Megan believes that there is no label or title associated with age, weight, or fitness level. Anybody, at anytime, can better themselves, and live a life that they truly want to live! Megan is passionate about helping you do just that! She is passionate about nutrition, passionate about helping you reach your goals, and passionate about serving the greater community. It takes a lot of confidence to leave the safety of a “real world job,” and venture out on your own to do what you truly believe you are meant to do. But with an unending passion for fitness and helping others, Megan makes a difference in the community everyday.


Megan is the only Certified CrossFit Trainer (Level-3) in the greater Charleston area. She is dedicated to providing her community the best possible coaching, knowledge, and instruction. This certification isn’t the result of just passing the test; it’s the result of years of dedicating her time and energy to help each and every person reach their fitness goals. Every time Megan leads a class at Angel Oak CrossFit, you can be guaranteed that you will receive the best coaching, and that 1-hour class will be the best hour of your day. Coaching CrossFit isn’t just a job for Megan, it’s her life and it’s what she loves to do everyday.


Megan’s goal with Angel Oak CrossFit is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all those who wish to pursue their own fitness goals. Each and every class, Megan supplies the energy to help you leave the stressors of life at the door, and encourage you to do your very best! Even though she may be the shortest person in the room, you can hear her voice echoing through the walls of Angel Oak CrossFit. To Megan, you are not just another name on the whiteboard; she makes sure that she forms a personal relationship with each and every person who walks through the doors. Outside of coaching adult CrossFit classes, Megan runs a high-energy and highly educational CrossFit Kids’ Program. She believes that exercising younger kids’ brains and expanding their communication skills is just as important as exercising their muscles.

Megan embodies what it means to be selfless and caring for others. Former English teacher turned CrossFit owner, you can feel how serious she takes helping others and providing her very best for her community. When she’s not at Angel Oak CrossFit, Megan can be found with her dog, Luka, at the beach and around town experiencing all that Charleston has to offer!