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AOCF 2019 CrossFit Open!

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The CrossFit Open is the largest community event of the year. CrossFit affiliates from all around the world partake in this 5 week competition. Each week, athletes from every gym get to workout with each other, and compete against the best in the sport of CrossFit. These 5 weeks are a time of community, PR’s, and ultimately a celebration of fitness!

The 2019 Open at Angel Oak CrossFit will be no different! It will be centered around building and growing our community, all while celebrating our fitness and the hard work each one of you has put in this past year. If 2018 was your first Open ever, you are going to surprise yourself with how much you have improved in one years time. Of course, the Open will present new challenges. Challenges that you might not think you could have accomplished before. But with the help and support of your community, you will be surprised at what you are truly capable of! Instead of the Open being 5 weeks of stress and constant “leaderboarding,” we are striving to create 5 weeks of community and fun!

Similar to last year, Angel Oak CrossFit will be doing a team format for the Open this year. We were so thrilled with how it all worked out in 2018, and are excited for 2019 to be bigger and better!

 We have grown so much in this past year as a community, and have a tremendous amount of new faces in the gym. The team format will only bring us all closer together as one! The only goal you should have during this CrossFit Open season is: strive to do your very best, and not compare yourself to others.

Here’s how it will work!

There will be a mini draft, where teams of 4-5 will be chosen at random by drawing names from a hat. We will do our best to place 2-3 members who participated in last years Open on each team, so that they can show the new members the ropes. From there, we will group each team together and notify everybody of their teammates. We only have a couple of rules for each team:

  1. Each team will need to elect a captain (somebody to speak for your team and be a liaison to Megan and James)
  2. Each team will have it’s own private FB group (we will provide group creation instructions)
  3. Each team will come up with it’s own team name and mascot (by 19.1)!!
  4. Each team member will need to have their own personal FB and Instagram accounts (these can be deleted after the Open if you want to remain off the internets)

Now, you might be asking yourself, “what’s the point of teams and how does my team win?” The teams are a way for each one of us to stay accountable to each other, and to ourselves. It is your own support group! Your FB group is a place to ask for help with certain movements, or plan when you guys will be doing the workouts together. You and your teammates will work together throughout the next 5 weeks to gain points each week.

Now for the fun stuff!!

Every week during the Open on Friday afternoons, we will be hosting a Friday Night Lights! During the event, we will be running heats of the Open workout so that everybody has an opportunity to give it their best shot! This will be an awesome, jam packed evening of team building, working out, and community! As a side note, the workout all day Fridays during the Open will be that week’s Open workout. Of course, if your schedule does not allow you to attend the workout on Friday night, you may complete it at any scheduled class time, or we will accommodate you so that it is completed before the 8pm deadline the following Monday (schedule details to follow).

Each FNL will have a Theme attached with it (think, “80s Night” etc). This will be your team’s opportunity to show unity and spirit to the other teams by dressing up accordingly. Points will be given for each team that adheres to the Theme, and has 80% or more of their team present at each FNL. 

Additionally, each week of the Open will have a Challenge. The Challenge for the week will be released the Sunday before that week’s workout, and you will have until Saturday at 8:00pm to participate in the Challenge. For example, 19.1 is released on Thursday, Feb 21st. We will release the first Challenge on Sunday, Feb 17th, and you will have until Saturday Feb 23rd to complete the Challenge. Each individual who completes the challenge will earn points for their team, in addition to team point possibilities (this is why everyone needs a FB/IG). We will keep an overall tally of points, and rank teams after each week. Earning points for the Challenge is super simple! You must individually:

  1. Post you completing the Challenge to FB/IG
  2. Tag your post with #AOCFOpen2019, #YourTeamName, and @angeloak_cf.

That’s it! Each Challenge may be weighted differently, and each team member gets points for their post to help your team’s total!


  • Each athlete will be placed on a team, and each team will create its own FB group and come up with a team name and mascot
  • We will be doing each Open workout at Friday Night Lights!
  • Each week will have its own Theme
    • Team points are earned if the team adheres to the Theme, and 80% or more of your team is present at FNL
  • Each week will have its own Challenge
    • Released the Sunday before that week’s workout, and can be completed until the Saturday after the workout is released
  • Scoring system (ways to earn points):
    • 80% or more of your team is present at FNL (+3 points for your team)
    • Your team adheres to the Theme (+2 points for your team)
    • You individually complete the Challenge by the Saturday of that week- must post to FB/IG and tag your post with #AOCFOpen2018, #YourTeamName, @angeloak_cf (+1-5 points per teammate)
    • Head-to-Head Duel- if one team member calls out a team member from a rival team, workout must be completed together at the same time (+1 point for each team, +3 points for winning team)
    • Spirit of the Open Award – voted upon and announced at 18.5 (+10 points for your team)


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