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AOCF’s Open Recap: Knowledge is Power

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The 2018 CrossFit Open is in the books as is Angel Oak CrossFit’s FIRST EVER CF Open!!! As a gym, we have had an incredible past five weeks filled with enthusiasm, great costumes, some sweet IG pics, LOTS of PRs, laughs, tears of joy, and good ol’ fashion FUN!

We want to say a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated (registered or not!), cheered us on, snapped pictures, and provided support to those participating. Above all, we are proud of the community that is AOCF.

So…now what?

Learn From the Open

If you haven’t realized it yet, let us fill you in….for 2 – 5% of those participating, the CrossFit Open is an active competition in which the Leaderboard determines some tangible pieces to their immediate future by way of Regionals, and for even fewer, the Games.

For the rest of us?

The CrossFit Open is an individual and gym learning experience that is meant to be fun, eye-opening, and challenging in the best possible way. These five weeks have given us independently an opportunity to “just go for it” when we thought we couldn’t, be humbled, and identify where we have improved and what we want to improve upon. For James and I as your coaches, programmers, and owners, it gives us some much needed data on how we’re doing to help you all accomplish what CrossFit releases from the hopper.

And Knowledge is Power. The Open gives us Power.

James and I learned a lot about where we are as a gym and what needs to be addressed in the year ahead. THIS data helps us create meaningful, purposeful, and challenging programming.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” -JFK

So let’s look at the data….

As a gym, a barely 6 month old CrossFit gym, AOCF placed 13th out of 32 in the state of South Carolina. HUGE high five everyone!! We are thrilled with our overall performance! Furthermore, our efforts could not be more clear in revealing our strengths and weakness.

Here’s how AOCF ranked in South Carolina for each WOD:

18.1:  13th

18.2: 14th

18.2A: 18th

18.3: 14th

18.4: 14th

18.5: 14th

Notice anything???

The Good News

We are very consistent in terms of various movements across various time domains. We held our own in both longer and shorter duration workouts and showed equally consistent proficiency in barbell, gymnastics, and odd object (dumbbells) movements. This is GREAT! A lot of our programming is lining up with preparing you all for the types of WODs coming down from HQ.

As a gym, we have worked towards becoming proficient in the movements we saw:

-our pull up progression paid off

-all those burpees 🙂

-time spent with the DB

-our t2b progression paid off



-rowing….all the rowing!

-Dus, Dus, Dus!

Additionally, we were prepared for various time domains. We’ve consistently hit long, mid, and short WODs weekly; chippers, sprint recovery, AMRAPs, etc.

Our Open workouts went well. You all were prepared, and you showed up each week to demonstrate that. Good work team!

What Did We Learn

So? Which stat from above was not like the others?? That 18.2 A tho…… The Max Lift.

As a gym, that element was clearly our weakest of the Open. It isn’t surprising. As a new community with less than 6 months of programming under our belts before the Open, there isn’t a tremendous amount of time to build strength.

Traditionally, strength programs and efforts (in CrossFit) need to be built in the “off-season” or post Open. Since we opened in September, the time to build a lot on individual strength had come and gone; rather, the season of building endurance, barbell efficiency, and traditional CrossFit was present. As a result, our newer community struggled most with a max effort lift.

This knowledge is encouraging, clear, and exciting! We have had a chance to look it over, review our last 6 months of programming, and consider the direction we need to go into this new CrossFit year.

Are you ready?

The next three months are going to be a lot of fun, challenging, and a little different compared to traditional CrossFit and CrossFit WODs. Different is good and necessary.

If you take a look at any of the top CrossFit athletes’ IG accounts, blogs, or programs you’ll notice that none of them are cranking out straight CrossFit metcons and 3×5 linear strength sets all day everyday anymore. The time for that in CrossFit has come and gone; the “sport” has evolved. With that evolution has come an inclusion of traditional bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, swimming, and traditional Olympic lifting programming in addition to the marriage of barbell and gymnastics that we’ve come to know and love as CrossFit.

Big picture, we plan to attack our strength weakness directly over the next three months. April will bring some lifting “prep” sets and an opportunity to reacquaint ourselves with the major lifts. We will use the end of the month to establish some individual starting, strength numbers – yes, max out weeks are coming! Oh, and the middle of April? Expect a  little fun… 😉

The next 8 weeks (May into June)  will encompass our strength cycle. Here’s what you need to know today:

-we’re going to hit lifting heavy pretty hard

-expect tempo, dynamic, and speed work with strength movements

-percentages will be used, so try to make max out days in April

-WODs will look different in regard to time, movements, and format

-you WILL still get a great workout in daily

-FORM will be the focus with Oly, NOT heavy weight

What to do to prepare…

Get hype!!! It’s going to be a much needed change of pace with a lot of opportunity to do some cool stuff! Specifically,

-start taking fish oil if you’re not already

-increase your protein intake slightly – with REAL food, not just more protein powder

-plan and commit to your gym days! Consistency will be crucial for gains!

Most importantly…


We’re going to be hitting gym needs, but it is equally important that you take the time to sit down and outline what YOU have learned from the Open and what YOU want to accomplish this year. When you are writing these goals, be very sure that they are goals born of your own wants and desires and NOT derived from the actions or performances of others.

Be on your own journey.

Write your own book.

By doing so, you will become the best version of yourself.

James and I can and want to help! Schedule a time to sit down with one of us and talk about your goals and a game plan to tackle them. As a member of the AOCF Community, you are never alone in your journey! With the opening of AOCF, James and I have committed to helping others be their absolute best!

Congratulations again FitFam, and THANK YOU for being a community centered around support, fun, and growth!


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