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Coach Megan and James’ Gym Bag “Must-Haves” Right Now…

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Megan and James’ Gym Bag “Must-Haves” Right Now


The gym bag is the unisex purse of the fit; it’s amazing what and how MUCH we can cram into them. They’re filled with all kinds of important PR provoking gear and gadgets, protein bar wrappers, and our favorite shirt that’s been missing for a month.

So what are the “pros” keeping onhand at the gym at all times? Here’s Megan and James’ top gym bag items right now….




“Yes to Tomatoes: detoxifying charcoal facial wipes”

“It’s sweat season people and I have a hard enough time keeping my skin clean just being at the gym 8 – 14 hrs a day. I am in love with these guys right now. I found them after a little online researching and discovered some high reviews AND they’re cruelty-free – a must for the Bear and I. At only about $5, I can use them throughout the day everyday before and after workouts; James does too, even if he doesn’t admit it….”


“Tiger Tail”

“This is my go to tool to workout out those knots I have in my legs. Sometimes foam rolling is just too painful, and I can’t relax. This rollout stick allows me to relax my quads or hamstrings and workout any knots without tensing up. Especially after a big leg day, I use this to reduce the amount of soreness that will build up.”


“Co-Flex Elastic Bandage”

“My girl Andrea got me hook on this tape years ago; I am OBSESSED. Anytime I am using a barbell, I tape my thumbs and right hand ring finger with this tape. (Why not the left hand ring finger? No idea; it doesn’t callus like the right.) I love that it’s stretchy and gives a bit when I bend my thumbs, plus it keeps them from getting torn up. $10 for 6 rolls on Amazon. Some claim it isn’t ‘sticky enough.’ Agree to disagree.”


“Voodoo Floss”

“I love this! Use it everyday. It is intended to be used for “flossing” elbows, knees, ankles, legs, you name it. It allows you to compress a joint or muscle group, and forces you to move through your full range of motion. When I had elbow issues, I used this everyday to increase my flexibility and help get rid of any soreness. Right now, I mostly use it for shoulder activation. I loop it around one of the pull-up rigs and perform shoulder activation exercises with it. It’s basically a poor man’s version of Crossover Symmetry.”


“Classic SD mini Swiss Army Knife”

“The mini scissors in this guy are ideal for cutting above beloved tape as well as snipping off my calluses from time-to-time. I’ve also managed to not lose the toothpick-like thing or pinchers! In general, this is worth keeping in your gym bag, purse, or on your keys, etc. It’s one of the better gifts I ever got from the ex, but you can get your own for about $17. Just remember, it’s still not allowed on airplanes or through security…”


“Workout Journal”

“If you don’t keep a record of it, how do you know if you’re getting better? Since I first started working out in high school, I have a journal of almost every workout I have ever done. This allows me to reflect on how I did, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. I’m old school, and will always opt to write it out versus downloading a workout app. And, it’s really cool to thumb through my old journals to see how my fitness level has progressed through the years!”


“e.l.f. Active: Post Workout Cooldown Mist”

“I just got this the other day, and I am already in love. Super refreshing post workout or not! A lot of reviews have people either in love with the scent or hating it; I love it. Smells and feels clean, but a little goes a long way! I also love it because it can be used under or over makeup; since my makeup application is hit or miss from day-to-day, this is perfect for me. Of course, this too is cruelty-free and vegan and is only around $8 at WalMart or Target.  Pro tip from James, keep your mouth closed during application…”


“Junk Brand Headband”

“Gotta keep the flow out of my eyes! Jkjk, but seriously. It gets hot during summer, and there’s nothing worse than sweat getting into your eyes. I was never a headband wearer until I moved to the South, and now it’s a necessity for every workout. I almost feel naked if I don’t wear it….”


“King Kong Mini Backpack”

“My actual ‘gym bag’ is a life-saver! I’ve had it for a couple years now, and it was worth every penny. The mini fits me perfectly, has room for my notebooks and gym clothes, plus there is a laptop compartment, the sides hold shakers, and shoes can fit in the front. I have taken this bag EVERYWHERE, and it still looks exactly like it did on day one. Again, this is pricey (minis are $130), but if you need a new bag and plan to ‘treat yo self’, I highly recommend this one!!”

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