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December- Programming and News

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Congratulations! We have finally made it to the final month of 2017! But, there’s still plenty of time to work towards your 2017 goals! The Winter Swolestice is here to help with that! These weekly tests are meant to be fun and push yourself past what you thought was possible. Megan and I both know that everybody loved the addition of the assault bikes to the gym, and loved the addition of the pause push jerk. Well, good news is that the bikes are here to stay! But, even better news, we are finished with the pauses!

The next phase of our weightlifting will be implementing the split jerk, and working on barbell cycling. The 2018 Open is closer than you think, and even if it isn’t on your radar, getting stronger moving the barbell for consecutive reps has a huge carryover to overall strength and body awareness. Taking the time to focus on touch-and-go reps in the beginning of class will help us all move the barbell efficiently under fatigue in a metcon. In addition, the back squat is making a comeback! We will be utilizing the back squat to work on lower body power and capacity. You will notice that most of our back squat sessions will be on the clock, building to heavy singles, or establishing new 10 Rep Maxes. Although the weight may not be heavy or near our maxes, focus on speed and utilizing the stretch reflex out of the bottom of the squat.

Toes-to-Bar. Wow! We were pumped about this progression, and seeing the movement click in only three weeks is ultra impressive. You guys are crushing this progression! We have barely spent three weeks on it, and so many of you have already set PRs and surpassed what you previously thought you could do. This will be our last progression of the year. So, if you will miss a day when it’s programmed, the cheat sheets are always up by the computers.



Angel Oak CrossFit Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for a friend or someone special? We will have gift certificates available, so we can spread the gift of fitness this holiday season! You can put as much money as you want on the certificate, and denote what the gift certificate will be used for individually. These certificates will have no expiration date.

January Habit Forming Health and Nutrition Challenge

As previously referenced in November’s blog, the January Habit Forming Health and Nutrition Challenge is right around the corner. This 8-week challenge is going to be different than the normal Paleo/Whole30 gym challenge we have all probably done in the past. The challenge is based on forming new habits each week. Every Monday, you will be asked to start implementing a new habit. For example, drinking 8oz water as soon as you wake in the morning, or begin consuming a protein shake after each workout. Each Wednesday, you will be asked to remove or limit a current habit you have. For example, turn off the television and the phone 30 minutes prior to bedtime, or limit alcohol consumption to 3 drinks a week. Forming a new habit is not easy and will take focus and time. The great thing about this challenge, is that you will have the support of the community. This is not only a health and nutrition challenge, it is a lifestyle challenge. This will be a unique challenge, and if you are looking to get back on track after the Holidays or kickstart 2018, then this is for you!

Bring-a-Friend Day!

On Tuesday, December 12th, we will be having our first official Bring-A-Friend Day! Feel free to bring a friend, family member, or co-worker to any of our regularly scheduled classes to experience CrossFit! We will have a regularly programmed workout for those with CrossFit experience, and a modified workout for our first-timers. If you purchased a gift certificate, this will be a great opportunity for that friend to try us out!

Holiday Party!

Angel Oak CrossFit’s first Holiday Party will be on Saturday, December 16th! Mark your calendars and we will post details once they’re finalized!

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