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January Programming

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Happy New Year! We are so excited about all of the PRs you have all set in the three and a half months that you have been a member of Angel Oak CrossFit. We cannot wait to start this new year off strong and see you all progress through all of 2018!

January programming will look a little different than your traditional CrossFit gym programming. In December, we began gearing up for the 2018 CrossFit Open (which starts Feb 22!!). You experienced our weightlifting shift towards improving movement efficiency and barbell cycling by incorporating EMOMs with the snatch and clean. Our strength work was geared towards building strength capacity by focusing on larger sets of the squat and deadlift. January will be no different in the respect of building movement efficiency and capacity with the major lifts. Something you will see more of is maxing out in a certain time frame. We don’t max out often, but we have been building overall strength for the past few months. Now you will be able to showcase those strength improvements every week by building to a heavy single for the day. But, since CrossFit is more about cycling lighter loads over time, we will be taking a percentage of the heavy single and testing your max reps in a given time frame. This will be your opportunity to practice how you move a barbell, and figure out how much rest you need between reps to move consistently for the given amount of time.

Another big shift in the programming you will notice is that one day a week will primarily focus on the metcon. Instead of warming up and working through your strength before the metcon, we will warm up and prime yourself for the metcon first thing. We want to practice proper warm-ups and priming techniques that allow us to hit the metcon with the greatest intensity. Afterall, intensity yields the greatest change. These metcons will be in the form of either interval work with programmed rest, have a slight twist or goal to the workout, or just classic CrossFit. After these metcons, our strength/weightlifting will be in the form of larger sets at lighter weight. We want to give you as much practice as we can moving a barbell efficiently under slight fatigue.

That is January in a nutshell! We are extremely excited to see what the new year brings for all of you, inside and outside of the gym!

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