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Meet Thea Sterling – 2018 AOCF Success Story Participant

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Thea has been a member of Angel Oak CrossFit for a few months, and decided to take herself to the next level by committing to the Success Story challenge. Even with two kids, one of which she brings with her to the gym, Thea works out with the Bootcamp crew a few days a week. In the short time she has been a member of Angel Oak CrossFit, Thea has built strength and toned muscles, all while gaining more endurance to keep up with her children. Read and learn about how the Success Story challenge has changed Thea’s life!


What is your job/occupation?


Growing up, what was your relationship with fitness?

Growing up I rode horses 6 days a week. We did horse shows every weekend. Other than that I never had a workout  regimen.

Before you began writing your own Success Story, were you sedentary or were you active in life/job but had no structured fitness routine? And, what was your relationship to food?

Before I started at Angel Oak CrossFit, I really wasn’t active and I ate whatever I wanted. I drank coke all day long as well as other drinks filled with sugar. Growing up in my family healthy eating and staying fit was never something that was taught. I am the first member in my immediate family to ever join a gym.

What was the most difficult part of writing your own Success Story? And, how did you overcome that difficulty?

Getting the nerve up to come to the first class was hard for me. Meredith stayed on me for weeks about coming. I had an excuse every week, until one morning she told me if I didn’t come she would show up to my house and make me come. So I finally came and got hooked the first class.

For me with two kids it is a challenge to be organized in the mornings on a regular basis. But having the morning workout actually helps me get up earlier. I know after I drop my one child at school, the baby and I come straight to workout. So getting into the routine took a little while.

As far as committing to the six week challenge I love competition so I was excited!

What aspect of the challenge ended up being easier than you thought?

Losing weight was easier than I thought it would be.

How did your perception of yourself, fitness, nutrition, and others change during the 6 week challenge?

I am surprised how much happier I am since starting the gym. It gives me something to look forward to and a sense of accomplishment.

What’s 1-3 things you learned about yourself, nutrition, health, working out, or anything else?

I am stronger than I thought I was.

I don’t need coke in my life everyday.

I am happier and feel better than before.

Where are you now, and what’s in store for the future?

Yes I will continue, I love Angel Oak CrossFit! I am excited to gain more strength and get even healthier. And to be happy with myself and the way I look and feel!

What is your #1 piece of advice you would give to somebody who is on the fence about beginning a new fitness routine or nutrition regimen?

Just do it! It will change your life!

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