Call us: 540-493-1505
Call us: 540-493-1505

New to Crossfit?

Step 1 - Free Consultation + No-Sweat Intro

We want everyone who is interested in joining to come in for a free consultation before they commit so that you’ll know which program is right for you and when to get started with a new fitness regimen!


Feel free to bring a friend or partner! During your Intro Session, we will talk to you about your fitness goals, walk you through our programs and let you experience a typical class in a one-on-one or small group session. By the end, we’re confident you’ll know whether or not Angel Oak CrossFit is the right place for you. And if it’s not – that’s OK! No strings attached and the consultation is always free.

When you’re ready to join, Coach/Owner Megan will sit down and discuss your needs and goals to get you set up with the membership that works best for you.

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    Step 2: Learn the Elements of CrossFit Through One-On-One Training

    For those joining our CrossFit or Barbell program, we will start you out with a series of 4 personal training sessions we call “CrossFit Development.”
    These sessions can be one-on-one or you can bring a friend or partner and split the cost.

    These sessions help you build a relationship with your coach while addressing individual needs. They will help get you physically prepared to enter group training and avoid any injuries that may occur from jumping into a tough workout too fast.

    These sessions are critical for your safety and also to ensure you never feel overwhelmed, out of shape, or underprepared.

    Already have CrossFit or similar training experience?
    In some cases, those with CrossFit experience can forgo some or all Development sessions. Contact us to discuss options.

    Step 3: Start Group Training!

    Once your Development sessions are complete, you’ll join the group fitness classes!
    These coach-led classes will have you training with like-minded people who are on a similar fitness level as yourself.

    Get ready to see and feel your transformation as you settle into an awesome workout routine that will improve your quality of life!