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Call us: 540-493-1505

Starting CrossFit at AOCF: Replacing Fear with Knowledge, Personalization and Confidence for ALL!

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Angel Oak CrossFit: One Vision. One Goal. One Community

Starting CrossFit at AOCF:

Replacing Fear with Knowledge, Personalization and Confidence for ALL!

One of our main goals in 2018 is to help relate to our immediate community exactly what CrossFit is and what goes on in our space, aka, The House. As owners, we’re aware of all the connotations and stigmatas that surround CrossFit: women that are bulky, dudes that are loud, everyone is an athlete, people get hurt. Truthfully, these are just perceptions. We have been told numerous times that CrossFit is “dangerous” and “definitely not for me” by some who has never given it a try. Which is okay, because it provides us with an opportunity to educate more people with the truth about CrossFit and its benefits.

CrossFit is….

  • Fitness defined in a meaningful, measurable way: increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains
  • Constantly varied functional movements
  • A combination of gymnastics (bodyweight movements), weightlifting, running, and rowing (all found in traditional gym settings)
  • A COMMUNITY of people who rely on one another for support, encouragement, and accountability (the same as any group fitness class!)
  • Designed for universal scalability – making it the perfect application for anyone, regardless of experience

CrossFit is not….

  • Fitness programming for the elite only
  • Dangerous
  • A cult (haha, we couldn’t help ourselves!)

CrossFit gyms are independent affiliates free to operate, program, coach as they wish so long as they are within general CF guidelines. So, CrossFit gyms are the same, but different.

Angel Oak CrossFit is…

    • Co-founded by Megan, 36,  and James, 25, who combined have over 10 years of CF coaching experience plus experience in personal training, sports training, CrossFit kids, and USAW weightlifting (We’re nice people! Read more about us here!)
    • A professional establishment seeking to improve the lives of those in the Johns Island and greater Charleston area
    • A provider of education surrounding exercise, nutrition, injury recovery, and more
    • A welcoming community of people ages 12 – 45+ with varying exercise backgrounds
    • A place for people to unwind from work and home
    • A place for people to workout with classes or independently
    • A provider of personal training
    • A group of dog-lovers
    • A family who shares in life events, and social outings as much as we do gym time
  • Check out our FB page or IG (angeloak_cf) for real pics of our community in action in and out of the gym!

Angel Oak CrossFit is not….

  • A competition-driven gym
  • A closed group of specific people
  • “Just another CrossFit gym”

Sounds good on paper…

As we move forward, we continue to learn better ways of reaching out into our community and bridges the fears and reservations about CrossFit. Knowledge and relatability are two of the biggest barriers.

We have been at fault too. “Come try us out! You’ll be fine! You’ll get an understanding of what we do!”

Whoa…in retrospect, we see how scary this may be for someone new to working out, and how foolish it is for us to believe that signing up to try a Free Intro Class is easy and terribly intimidating. So let’s change that!

Here’s our new process:

Step 1. Sign up for a Free Consultation.

The truth is, you deserve the opportunity to discuss your goals, limitations, fears, and life conflicts with your trainer/coach before starting something new, like CF.  It will help us too! This conversation will give us an opportunity to sit down and hear where you are and be able to explain how we believe Angel Oak CrossFit can help.

Remember – not just another CF gym – we offer Boot Camp classes, Personal Training, Barbell Club (Olympic lifting) and general CF classes. As we talk, we will be able to explain each of these and help identify where you will be a) most comfortable and b) most successful

Step 2. Schedule a Free 1-on-1 mini session

Feel good about the chat? Great! We’ll schedule a time for you to come in and work 1-on-1 with owners Megan or James. This will give you an idea of what you will be doing and how modifications work. This session will include a warm up, stretching, movement instruction, and a mini workout.

Step 3. Select a Membership!

We offer various memberships and do not have any contracts. We will sit down and go over options with you to be sure you are signing up for exactly what meets your needs. (No secrets here! All of our memberships and pricing may be found from our website!)

Step 4. CrossFit Development Course!

We will continue to set you up for success and feelings of confidence by having those brand new to CrossFit complete our CF Devel Course: 4 personal training sessions designed to introduce you to movements and modifications found in CF. We’ll go over everything from how to track your results, to the lingo, to movements and their modifications. These sessions will give you a chance to try all movements out in a personal training setting and an opportunity to ask questions all along the way.

This all sounds great…that price though…

We understand that it isn’t the same as other CrossFit gyms or other generic gyms. The thing is we’re not the same as them and what we offer isn’t either. Our membership is a tremendous value.

Broken down by class, our membership is $12/class for those who come 3xweek and $7.25 for those who come 5xweek. Here’s what you’re getting…

  • Coaching and Programming and Programs

This is our full time gig. This is all we do, and all we want to do. Our focus everyday is to provide the absolute best coaching and quality programming possible. We are not part time coaches, and we are not here part of the day. This is our home and our life, and we are dedicated to making sure every member in every class receives personal attention. AOCF classes ARE personalized group training sessions. We make teaching proper technique a priority and offer meaningful modifications for all.

Our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the end of class. We are always available for help with nutrition, additional programming, and even life questions. We provide ongoing support and resources through our member FB group and never let things get too serious either! We’re always up for a good social event and organize outings and community service ventures monthly!

Our programming has purpose. We don’t do more for the sake of more and we don’t program one day at a time. We follow an annual outline that flows through varied cycles including strength building, Olympic lifting, endurance/conditioning that is beneficial for all and tailored around the CrossFit Open for those wishing to be competitive.

We’re more than just CrossFit. We also offer Boot Camp Classes and Barbell Club. These are INCLUDED in our Unlimited membership and available as individual memberships too!  

  • Hours and Classes

We’re open Monday through Friday from 5:45 am – 7:45 pm with 6 CrossFit classes daily, plus Boot Camp class. We’re open Saturdays from 8 am – 12 pm with CF class at 9 and Barbell Club at 10. Open Gym is an option during any of the hours that we are open.

  • Facility

We’re blessed to have a space that is more than a warehouse. The warehouse is great for a gym, and our nearly 2,000 sq ft is perfect for our classes. However, our front office area, complete with kitchen, lounge area, kids room, and changing rooms is a welcome hang out for members and their little ones! Our office also provides a private and quiet space for consultations. The kitchen is open to all and our Wi-Fi password is posted in the lounge. The AC in the summer isn’t too shabby either!

The long and the short?

We’re here to help. It’s our calling and our passion. We want to educate, teach everyone to find joy in fitness, and help them learn to live healthy and happy.

We’re here for YOU. All of you of every age, ability, male and female! Please stop in, call, or sign up for your consult anytime! And thank you for letting us become a part of this community!

Cheers to 2018!

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